lauantai 27. toukokuuta 2017

Only one week time to enjoy Barcelona ūüėě It was amazing experience to do my internship here I have learned a lot and I am going to miss this place and all my new friends so much..maybe I will return for the summer who knows ūüėČ Well now I have three days off in a row so I booked flights to ibiza! My friend from Finland is coming with me so we are going there to enjoy the beach and celebrate my birthdayūüėĽ 

One reason more why I love barcelona is because it is so cheap to travel everywhere from here! Every week when I had days off I went somewhere out of barcelona for example last week I went to Costa brava and I loveed it! It is totally my new favorite place in Catalunya. We had a rekaxing day in tossa de mar it was perfect and on the other day we went to girona because there was "temps de flor" so the whole city was decorated by flowers. It was beautiful!

 Here is some photos from  tossa de mar and girona

But anyway now I am going to enjoy my last week here! See you soon Finland

sunnuntai 7. toukokuuta 2017


So again two weeks flew by... I have been working, travelling and just enjoying! I went to Valencia for two nights and I also made a day trip to Zaragoza. I loved Valencia, I met nice people with who I spent time with and it was amazing! Zaragoza was not my place if I can say so.. There was not that much to do for me because I am not that into museums... But I am glad that I went because now I know!
Next I am planning to make a daytrip to Montserrat and on the beaches nearby Barcelona. Also we were talking with my work mates about renting a car and go roadtripping! Lets see what happens ;)

Here is some photos from Valencia:


maanantai 10. huhtikuuta 2017

First two weeks in Barcelonaaa

Hola a todos,

It`s been two weeks now when I arrived here in Barcelona. Time has gone so fast but at the same time it feels like I haven`t been in home for a looong long time! I can only imagine how fast these two months will go :( 
Anyway I haved loved to be here! The weather has been amazing, everyday sunny and more than 20 degrees. My summer started early this year and I love it :D
 During these two weeks I have been mainly just walking around and getting know with the streets and areas here.
 I was living in the Equity Point hostel during my first internship week and about a week ago I moved to an appartment which I found through a friend. It is near to the Sagrada Familia and it is very easy to go anywhere from here by feet or by  public transpor because this is such a good spot. 

Now about my job! First week was a little bit stressful because there was so much new things to learn and with different language but now when everything seems more clear to me I think I am more comfortable while working, I have been doing different shifts and different tasks and I like it very much how much variation there can be when you are working in a hostel! Morning shifts which starts from 8.00 I am normally at the breakfast and then later I go to the reception and checking rooms etc. Afternoon shift which starts 14.00 I am usually all day at the reception but still everyday is different and I think it is the best part of my job! 

now here are few pictures that I have taken. I really need to start taking more...

Hasta Luego <3

keskiviikko 22. maaliskuuta 2017


¡Hola Todos!

I am Kawtar 20 years old Travelling and Tourism  student from Perho Travel and Business College. I got the opportunity to do my internship in Barcelona and I will be flying there in few days. Still haven`t packed yet.. I will work in Equity Point Hostel for two months.
I am so excited and nervous at the same time!! This is a great opportunity  to really get known with Spanish culture and improve my Spanish skills!
 I will write more when I get there ;)

Kuvahaun tulos haulle finnair